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Richard Sherman & S.W.A.G. Tour – Dominguez High School

Richard Sherman Walks His Talk

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Mar 7, 2013
Clare Farnsworth
COMPTON, Calif. – Apparently you can go home again.

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Richard Sherman proved just that on Wednesday, when the Seahawks’ All-Pro cornerback was the surprise guest speaker during a seniors-only assembly at Dominguez High School. Sherman is a frequent visitor to his alma mater, but this trip was different because he was talking to the 300 students about achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams – not just to the football players.

“I want them to know that there’s a big world out there and that goals can be achieved and that it really doesn’t matter where you come from or what situation you started from,” Sherman said after the event that was sponsored by SWAG – Students With a Goal.

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