Compass + Chance Fund


The “Compass + Chance Fund”, provides scholarships, social education/learning for students and creates gateways to innovative careers through STEM.

We do this by engaging Junior High, High School, and college students (ages 13-21) to opportunities/chances for them to escape poverty via education, specifically through STEM and engineering programs. 

The Compass + Chance program exposes students to engineering and STEM possibilities by taking them on trips to high schools and universities in the U.S. and abroad. Through cultural and educational exchanges, students are able to learn from each other and identify with like-minded young adults who aspire to similar career paths.

Correspondingly, the Compass + Chance Fund provides experiential learning that demonstrates how participating students are apart of a global economy. Our work not only engages low income junior high through high school students but it also educates adults in the broader community on the role of STEM as a gateway to new horizons that change the life outcomes of students, families and communities.

By doing so, we answer the question “What price tag would you put on an opportunity for someone to rise above their life-long obstacles?” None of these young lives are worth such a price and we directly demonstrate such via the opportunities available to them through STEM as an effective educational platform for endless personal and professional possibilities.


Student Swag relies on philanthropic contributions from organizations and people like you. Your donations help us expand to new countries and build new programs all over the world so that we may reach more children in need.


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